Senate amnesty bill a farce

Published: August 25, 2013

Bobby Stem's “Oklahoma case for immigration reform” (Point of View, Aug. 17) equates prosperity with having a large pool of poorly educated, unskilled laborers provided by the U.S. Senate's amnesty bill. To sweeten this pot, Stem cites many wonderful benefits — thousands of jobs, lowered national debt, trillions in increased output. Wow!

Sadly, he missed a few troublesome bits of reality. First, he confuses legal and illegal immigration, a common liberal affliction. Second, he cites Congressional Budget Office estimates of growth — the same CBO that estimated Obamacare would cost $900 billion and now costs $2 trillion-plus and climbing. Third, he avoids enumerating the cost of amnesty for a possible 30 million immigrants. Currently the cost of 11 million illegal immigrants is more than $300 billion for welfare type payments, medical, social services, incarceration and monies sent “home” to name a few. A Heritage Foundation study puts the cost of the Senate bill at $6.3 trillion. Hardly a boon.

The Senate bill is a farce. It enacts legalization before border security is in place. Whatever security requirements are in the bill are left up to the discretion of the Obama administration; any back tax obligations can be waived. It winks at felonious behavior, provides for a full spectrum of services and benefits and stresses an already shaky economy. Stem's nirvana isn't good for Oklahoma, the country and definitely not for real citizens.

Pete Lepo, Edmond

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