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Send them back to their country of origin

Oklahoman Published: June 29, 2014

The United States is a sovereign nation. The media decry the horrible conditions from which the illegal immigrant children are fleeing. The liberals say the illegal immigrants perform jobs nobody else will do. As a Christian, on the issue of the illegal children, I say give them medical attention, food and clothing. After these immediate needs are met, put them on a bus and notify their sovereign government that they’re headed back to their country.

It’s a myth that illegals perform jobs nobody else will do. The golf course I live on recently changed ownership from privately owned to a publicly held corporation. I casually knew many of the workers who maintained the golf course. Almost all were Hispanic; I have no idea as to their legal status. I can say, however, upon changing ownership the course maintenance crew that I knew and recognized largely disappeared, to be replaced by whites and African-Americans. You can draw one of three conclusions. Either the Hispanics who were terminated were illegal or they performed inferior work or the new owner is guilty of mass discrimination.

I proudly include Hispanics in my business. They’re legal and came into this country the correct, legal way. They aren’t paid subservient wages. Those who choose to make a mockery of the sovereignty of the U.S. should be given immediate health and nutritional attention and sent straight back to the country of their origin.

Craig Blankenship, Edmond