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Sending a bad message to Hispanics

Oklahoman Published: April 6, 2014

Cathy Forshee (Your Views March 28) wrote that immigrants earlier in U.S. history came to this country understanding the necessity and importance of learning English. This isn’t the way it is now, she said. This fact is overwhelmingly supported by a front-page story in The Oklahoman the same day. “Language barriers pose risks to Hispanics in severe weather” related that we should actively support the Spanish community by communicating all weather warnings to them in Spanish. Thus, there’s no need for Spanish-speaking persons to learn English.

This is what happens when Barack Obama and other presidents don’t enforce immigration laws. The news media sends messages to Hispanics who come to this country that they don’t have to learn English because we will take care of you. This is how we lost our tradition and culture.

Sadly, Obama and Congress don’t care.

Roy Cummings, Oklahoma City

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