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Serge Ibaka plays as Thunder downs Lakers

Thunder forward was fined $25,000 for his altercation with Blake Griffin, but was not suspended
By John Rohde Published: March 6, 2013

Ibaka finished with 13 points (6 for 8 from the field), six rebounds and two blocked shots in 28:22.

Both blocks came during the same possession 2½ minutes into the game when Ibaka rejected inside attempts from Dwight Howard and then Earl Clark.

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was asked Sunday night what he would do if Ibaka had struck him in the groin area. “I probably would have smacked him in the mouth,” Bryant said. “I would have dealt with the pain after.”

There were no incidents between Ibaka and Bryant, or Ibaka and anybody, during Tuesday's game.

Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant said he didn't fear anyone retaliating against Ibaka.

“No, I don't think guys are going to retaliate for no reason,” Durant said. “Serge plays physical and everybody knows that. It was an unfortunate play. Serge is not a dirty player. Him and Blake Griffin always battle hard. It was just a tough play. I'm glad nobody was hurt, first off. Serge kept his cool and played well after that.”