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Shame on Jesse Ventura

Oklahoman Published: August 4, 2014

Former pro wrestler and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura just won a $1.8 million judgment in a defamation lawsuit brought against the estate of a former Navy SEAL. What would make Ventura sue an American hero? He certainly doesn’t need the money. Nor does he need the publicity of winning a court case against the widow of this American hero. I can’t believe that any sane American would do such a thing. I would be too ashamed to do so.

Now that Ventura has won the case, I urge him to request the court not to require that the money actually be paid. I hope all Americans will speak loud and clear to Jesse, asking him to request that the court not require a single penny be paid by the widow.

Roger Smith, Edmond

The lawsuit involved claims made about Ventura in a book by Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL sniper. The suit was filed before Kyle was killed at a Texas gun range last year.