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Shameful spending of the public's money

Published: August 22, 2012

“City seeks electric power for Bricktown water taxis” (Business, Aug. 16) exemplifies why we have a $16 trillion debt that's growing by more than a trillion dollars every year. The article describes how the city is pulling up a seat at the federal trough as it asks for $153,000 for electric motors for the fleet of five water taxis that cruise the canal. Only public officials spending other people's money could have the audacity to spend money so wildly. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Their excuses for their proposal are both frivolous and nonsensical, not to mention ridiculously expensive. As a longtime boat owner I can tell you that if these boats need new motors, something very usable can be had for a tenth of the cost. I also have to wonder how well they've been maintaining what they have. But why should they care when there's always a seat at the public trough! It's hard to complain about federally funded bridges to nowhere and other boondoggles when we have public officials doing the same thing.

Hank Duncan, Yukon