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Shattuck closing in on record win streak

BRANDON CHATMON Published: July 30, 2009
against Goodwell.

The following week, they’ll have the opportunity to set the record on Nov. 6 at Buffalo.

It’s a situation Bullard never imagined his program being in.

"I knew it was an incredible feat, I never imagined we’d be in a position to do it,” he said.

"I’ve had some good kids, and luck has been on our side. We’ve stayed clear of injuries for the most part.”

Consistent effort has been the trademark of the streak.

"We haven’t changed a whole lot of what we’ve done the last six years,” Bullard said.

"As long as our kids play hard and do what we ask, that’s all that matters to us. That’s what I’ve preached over the last several years: Just do your job and play hard.”