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Sherri Coale says Sooners must purge ‘that bad game' from repertoire

BY JAKE TROTTER Staff Writer Published: March 30, 2011

But in order to get further into the tournament, the Sooners will have to work on purging “that bad game” from their repertoire.

“People will get well and people will grow up, and that goes a long way in purging that game from our system,” Coale said. “As young guys mature in both their approach and ability to sustain concentration. As Whitney's able to practice and we're able to create some sense of confidence and stability there, in terms of reaching out and hanging on to our leader. There are a number of things that I think time will cure.

“The other way we work to purge that game out of our system is we do just that — we work. We get in the gym and compete. We get in the weight room and we compete. We get out on the hills and we compete. We fight, and we figure out how to have that sense of resolve that no situation can take away. I think you can do that.

“I think you can build that in the offseason and I think this young group will do that."