SHOW BITS: Moore a wallflower, Klum a traffic cop

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Show Bits brings you the 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards through the eyes of Associated Press journalists. Follow them on Twitter where available with the handles listed after each item.

Everything was coming up roses — and daisies, lilacs and tulips — for Julianne Moore at HBO's floral-themed Emmys after-party.

In her bright yellow dress, Moore practically blended in with the colorful decor that covered the floor, walls and tables. The first-time Emmy winner, who portrayed Gov. Sarah Palin in the TV movie "Game Change," held court with her trophy at a table near the party's centerpiece: a circular sofa surrounded by giant faux flowers. She posed for photos with eager attendees — even when they seemed apprehensive about asking for yet another picture.

"Are you kidding? I'll never get tired of this," she said with a grin before pinning her red locks up in a makeshift bun. "I just wish it wasn't so hot."

Nearby at his own table, "Boardwalk Empire" star Steve Buscemi helped himself to a platter of desserts, including macaroon lollipops. He eventually loosened his tie.

Several HBO stars, including "True Blood" vampire Alex Skarsgard and shape-shifter Sam Trammel, mingled throughout the sprawling soiree held outside the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Attendees feasted on such dishes as kale salad, purple roasted potatoes and chicken with gnocchi.

Nicole Kidman, who was nominated alongside Moore for lead actress in a TV movie for "Hemingway & Gellhorn," and her husband, country singer Keith Urban, made a brief appearance at the party, which included a stop to chat with Jane Fonda and Michael J. Fox, before Urban led Kidman out through the massive crowd.

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The first stop after the show for most Emmy nominees and winners is the Governors Ball, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center across the street from the Nokia Theatre.

Heidi Klum directed traffic as guests arrived, many stopping to pose for a photo under the dramatic red arch at the entrance.

"Move along, move along," she said.

Among the early arrivals to the party, themed "A Romantic Rhapsody in Red," were Zooey Deschanel, Christina Hendricks, Mayim Bialik and Jon Cryer.

Cryer toted his Emmy in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other, as Hendricks sipped from a cocktail glass and finished dinner.

On the menu: A smoked salmon avocado sphere, roasted tenderloin with mushroom risotto fries and white chocolate raspberry cake.

After the ball, parties around town beckoned. At least half a dozen fetes were planned to celebrate nominees and winners.

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Kevin Costner now has an Emmy to go with the Oscars and Golden Globes that mark a long and successful journey since the day he first told his parents he had decided to become an actor.

That news didn't go down well in his blue-collar Southern California household. His mother was a welfare worker and his father an electrician and later a utility executive.

"My father turned around and said, 'What? How are you going to make a living, how are you going to take care of somebody?" Costner recalled backstage at Sunday's Emmys. "In his mind I was throwing everything away."

He had earned a college degree in marketing and finance, but never wanted to use it.

"There was a moment in time where I knew exactly what I wanted to be and I needed to explain that to my parents," he said, adding it was "a really momentous thing."

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Even with his joking "In Memoriam" self-tribute, Jimmy Kimmel kept this year's Emmycast focused squarely on the Emmys, resisting the urge as host to make the show about himself.

His jokes weren't standout, his comedy bits felt pedestrian. But Kimmel presided in professional style.

And he seemed to have fun — especially when removing his parents from the auditorium.

He accused them of lying when they told him that if he tried hard enough he could accomplish anything he set his mind to— even win an Emmy.

He didn't win that Emmy on Sunday, so Mom and Dad had to go.

It may have been the funniest moment in the show.

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It wouldn't be an awards show without an f-bomb.

Actually, it would be, but an f-bomb always adds spice, even when bleeped.

The man who did the honors at Sunday night's Emmy show was Jon Stewart, excitedly accepting his 10th consecutive trophy for best variety series.

He began his acceptance speech by noting that "The Daily Show" deals in topical comedy, "which has the shelf life of egg salad." He added that the Emmy does indicate "The Daily Show" has some value.

In some future age, he went on to say, holding his Emmy aloft, aliens arriving on Earth "will find a box of these."

"And they will know how predictable these (bleeping) things are," he added.

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Tina Fey was the first celebrity out of her seat after "Modern Family" won the last Emmy of the night and Jimmy Kimmel threatened to continue the show for another hour.

The "30 Rock" star and several others bolted for the doors closest to the stage, the most direct route to the posh Governors Ball across the street at the LA Convention Center.

Those not invited to the lavish after party had to exit through the back doors.

There was an alternate third route, however, for the last winner of the night.

That's the one the "Modern Family" crew used, winding their way through the pressroom, past the backstage area and into an elevator that held most of them.

"I'm going to latch onto one 'Modern Family' person for the rest of the night," said the show's kid star, Nolan Gould, as he was the last to make it in.

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Tom Hanks shakes his hands, perhaps to get a good grip, as he prepares to select his take-home Emmy from the backstage trophy table.

"What do I do?" asks Hanks, who collected a trophy as one of the producers of "Game Change," honored as best miniseries or made-for-TV movie at Sunday's Emmys.

"Now what?" he asks after signing for the trophy. He's directed to a bank of ready photographers.

"Come on Rita, get in here!" A fellow "Game Change" producer shouts to Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson, as flashbulbs pop.

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"Hurry up, hurry up! I need my Emmy." — Emmy winning "Game Change" actress Julianne Moore, waiting in line behind Emmy winning "Game Change" director Jay Roach backstage at the Emmy trophy table.



It's Kodak Moment time backstage at the Emmys, with "The Daily Show" winners taking photos of each other holding their Emmys.

"Do they still ship these if you ask?" inquired the show's head honcho, Jon Stewart.

"Yeah, because I have two children with me," he added, noting the statuette's pointy wings.

But he borrowed a trophy so he could pose for a photo with his writing team. He promised to return it before leaving the theater.

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Claire Danes came up with the catchphrase of the night when she saluted her "Homeland" co-star during her Emmy acceptance speech thusly: "Mandy Patinkin, holla."

Danes, taking the stage after winning best actress in a drama for the Showtime series, mentioned several names before matter-of-factly calling out Patinkin in the most unexpected way.

Twitter went nuts, with many people suggesting that this saying needs to become a meme, and soon.

As the pop-culture site (at)Gawker put it: "'Mandy Patinkin, holla' is the new Angelina Jolie's leg." From New York Magazine's (at)Vulture site: "'Mandy Patinkin, holla' is the best thank-you ever." And from NPR's (at)nprmonkeysee: "If the Internet doesn't remix 'Mandy Patinkin, holla' by tomorrow morning, it is a failure."

Others suggested that Jewish delis begin baking Mandy Patinkin challah. Still others made references to Patinkin's Broadway bona fides with "Evita" jokes.

If someone can figure out a way to incorporate Patinkin's famous line from "The Princess Bride" — "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die" — then the Internet might truly be worthwhile after all.

— Christy Lemire — Twitter:



Married actor Damian Lewis joked to reporters that he might be doing some extra celebrating with "Homeland" co-star Claire Danes, who is also married and came to the Emmys with a baby bump.

"We're going away to a romantic island together," the red-headed British actor joked. "When that baby is ginger you guys are going to have a field day."

The comment may have gotten some members of the press too excited, one of whom asked Danes a few moments later how she viewed the win in light of giving birth.

"Thank god I am not giving birth," said Danes, who's in an earlier stage of pregnancy.

The pair reunited later in another backstage area, looking very platonic and like two friends enjoying each other's success.

— Anthony McCartney — Twitter



Don't ever cross Jimmy Kimmel.

The Emmy host warmly introduced his parents, who were seated in the audience, and told viewers they had always been supportive of their son.

"They always told me I could do anything I set my mind to," he said, "and this year I set my mind to winning the Emmy.

"And guess what? I didn't," he went on. "You told me I could, and I didn't, and I'm devastated. You lied to me!"

Egged on by Tracy Morgan, who was seated beside them and stated, "I don't trust them," Kimmel summoned security to remove Mom and Dad from the auditorium.

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