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Sibling Revelry: OU's Taylor Griffin and Ashley Paris

Compiled by John Helsley Modified: March 11, 2009 at 9:19 am •  Published: March 11, 2009
So what’s it like to have somebody so close to enjoy the experience as a teammate?

Taylor Griffin: That’s kind of cool. Just having somebody that you know so well and you’ve known so long around all the time. And there’s always somebody there to have your back, no matter what happens. You know your teammates have your back, but not like your brother would.

Ashley Paris: We’re pretty close. Obviously, we’re twins. You always have someone there with you. Everybody wishes they had someone else like them. Since we got to college, we tend to do our own things a little bit more. I think we enjoy a lot of the same things. And we appreciate a lot of the same stuff. But we’re still different, think differently and have our own personalities.

Taylor, when did you first realize little brother had big game?

TG: I think that was probably my senior year of high school. He was a sophomore and he started having 20-point games and some nights he would score more than I would. That’s when it started and I went, ‘Dang, this kid could be pretty good.’ Then he just exploded after I left. He hit the AAU circuit. And after his sophomore year he started making a name for himself and has kept going up ever since.

Ashley, being on the same timeline as Courtney, have there been any challenges?

AP: I know the media makes a big deal of the shadow, and, ‘Is it hard being her sister?’ No. It’s normal for me. I feel I’m a pretty solid post player. And I just play on a team with a post player that’s even more productive and better than me. I feel lucky and fortunate on my team. And like I said, I chose to have her on my team.

<>b>AP: I’m so happy to have Courtney on my team. She’s a great player. And the team is doing well. I think we can win it all. So to be able to do this together is incredible.

OK, there had to be some sibling rivalry growing up, right?

TG: It’s been a while since we beat on each other. I think it started fading out when in high school. But it was bad back in the day. I think our last fight was probably in high school, when I was a freshman or sophomore or something.

I’m better than Blake at...
Style. First of all, he’s the one coming to me to borrow clothes most of the time. He’s the one asking me for advice on what to wear and when to wear it. He’s got clothes, he just likes my clothes. He just likes the stuff I have and the stuff I wear and how I put it together.

School. Blake does not like schoolwork. Nobody really does, but I think I can tolerate it more than Blake can.

Cutting hair. I cut most of the guys on the team. And I don’t just use clippers, I use the scissors and work it. Cade (Davis), he let me practice on him. With his hair, it’s all messed up anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

Electronics. I like electronics and having all the gear and everything, and knowing how to fix stuff. I’m not super intellectual; I don’t want to be labeled a geek or anything.

Fixing things. Whenever he needs something fixed, he brings it to me, whether it’s electronic or whatever. He has confidence in me that I can fix it.

I’m better than Courtney at...
Looks. I don’t know how it happened, we’re supposed to be twins, but God just made me a little bit better looking than her.

School. I think I just have more common sense than Courtney. And more book smarts. Just overall smarter than Courtney. I give her help when she needs it.

Humor. She’ll say that I think I’m more funny, but I have other people tell me that I’m more funny. I just have a sense of humor. I’m blunt, but genuine.

Cooking. She’s better on the grill, but I’m better at everything else. She can grill a really good steak, I’ll give her that.

Really, everything. She may have basketball on me, that’s about it. And I don’t really think she has that (with a wink).

By John Helsley


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