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By Randy Ellis Published: September 7, 2007

/> A child welfare worker returned to the home about 7:20 p.m. that day and was able to make contact with Scroggins and the two children, the report said.

Old scars found
At the worker's request, Scroggins undressed both children.

"Olivia was observed to have old scars on her legs, one old scar on her left arm, and a circular mark on her left cheek,” the report said. "Ms. Scroggins explained that the facial mark was from her (Ms. Scroggins) sucking on Olivia's face as this is how she kisses Olivia.”

The worker didn't observe a black eye, but reported that Scroggins said Olivia previously had a black eye from jumping on a bed, losing her balance and falling onto the edge of the bed.

Scroggins and both children appeared to be "healthy and clean” and there was an appropriate amount of food in the kitchen cabinets, the worker said.

Boyfriend was at store
The worker attempted to speak with Smith, but was told that he had gone to the store to buy medicine for a sick dog, the report said. The worker left a contact number with Scroggins for Smith to call when he got home.

Another adult living in the home was interviewed briefly and said neither Smith nor Scroggins hit the children, the report said.

The investigation was still ongoing when Olivia's death was reported.

DHS Letter: Olivia Scroggins' death