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Sigourney Weaver says 'Alien' role 'part of her DNA' Published: July 22, 2014

Thirty-five years ago, actress Sigourney Weaver assumed the role of warrant officer Ellen Ripley in "Alien," one of the most important science-fiction movies ever made.

This fall, Ripley -- believe it or not -- returns as part of a downloadable mission for the video game Alien: Isolation, with Weaver lending her vocal talents to a character she last portrayed in 1997's "Alien: Resurrection," according to USA TODAY.

"It was eerie, because it was like no time had passed," Weaver said of reprising the role of Ripley 17 years later. "I opened my mouth and Ripley started talking. I think after four films where I played Ripley, it's somehow part of my DNA now, and I didn't really expect that to be."

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