Sinister cover-up of Benghazi tragedy

Modified: May 14, 2013 at 3:32 pm •  Published: May 15, 2013

Is it acceptable for our federally elected leaders to lie about their official activities, actions or decisions? Is it all right for some elected officials to lie to the American people? Is it acceptable for one party in government to edit the truth, cover up the truth, intentionally mislead or completely fabricate the truth, while another party is relentlessly held accountable for every action?

I'm angered by revelations coming forward concerning the Benghazi tragedy. We're experiencing the most sinister cover-up in American history. I can only imagine the torment suffered by the families of the four American heroes who died that day. I'm ashamed of the self-serving, politically motivated leaders whose actions left these Americans vulnerable to an attack resulting in their deaths, and then who attempted to silence and demote those trying to tell the truth. These occurrences should be vigorously investigated by a bipartisan panel to determine the complete truth.

Any elected official who uses his trusted position to perpetuate his own power at the expense of American lives should be removed from office and criminally prosecuted. What difference does it make? Well, Mrs. Clinton, it makes a difference if your lack of leadership and this administration's decision-making contributed to these deaths.

K.B. Flaniken, Midwest City