Soccer, football, futbol. Whatever.

Are you ready for some futbol? For American football fans, the World Cup runneth over with questions about soccer.
By David Zizzo Published: July 5, 2010

The quadrennial World Cup Q&A:

Q: Why do soccer announcers yell "GOOOAL!" for three minutes whenever someone scores?

A: Because the word is used so rarely in soccer.

Q: Why is soccer so popular in other countries?

A: Because in other countries they call it football, and everyone loves football.

Q: Why isn't soccer popular in the U.S.?

A: We have football.

Q: Why is the World Cup played only once every four years?

A: Because like swimming, ice skating and gymnastics, you can only care about soccer for a few weeks every four years.

Q: Why can't players other than the goalkeeper use their hands?

A: If they could, it would be rugby, and rugby doesn't have vuvuzelas.

Q: What are vuvuzelas?

A: Long tubes that soccer fans use to try to blow the ball into the net when they get tired of waiting for the players to kick it in.