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Social media are terrific communication tool — when used properly

BY CASEY T. DELANEY Published: October 13, 2012

I have chosen to use social media to keep in touch with friends. Do I have political beliefs? Of course. I simply don't believe social media is the proper forum for me to share them. We have forgotten that this is a country founded on the idea that we are allowed to have differing views but can all live peacefully together.

As a legal career counselor, the largest piece of advice I offer my students seeking employment is to drastically audit their social media content. Employers now use social media as a primary consideration in hiring employees. Companies are hired to do a seven-year social history audit, and think again if you think your content is “private.” The best policy is simply to use good judgment when using social media. It's a great tool for communication if you use it properly.

Remember, words are not for hurting. Let's teach our children that so they won't need a book to know how to communicate properly.

Delaney is director of the Office of Professional and Career Development at the University of Oklahoma College of Law.