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Social Security funds being stolen

Published: September 19, 2012

For many years I paid into the Social Security fund, thinking my contributions were protected and drawing interest in a separate fund. A few years ago I learned this wasn't the case. My retirement funds weren't drawing interest, but were in fact being spent to build bridges to nowhere, studying the sex habits of Japanese monkeys and other such important things.

If I were to go about taking up money for some charitable cause and then spent the money on a new boat for myself, I would go to jail. It's called fraud. Yet this is exactly what the federal government has done with our money. Social Security wouldn't be broke if the money fraudulently taken from it were paid back. I don't hear much talk from politicians about fixing Social Security by repaying what they've stolen. Nor is anyone very much interested in putting a lockbox on it to stop the bleeding.

Tom Kegin, Choctaw