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Solo show by Sarah Harless on view at Oklahoma state Capitol

“The Gifts of Time,” an exhibit of photographs by Sarah Harless, is on view through Feb. 3 at the Oklahoma state Capitol.
Oklahoman Published: December 23, 2012

A spotted steer stares back at us warily, as if we were about to try to ride it, in a black-and-white photo of “The Contender,” while the daunting, curving horns of one of a group of “Longhorns” make the point for Harless in a color picture.

Excellent landscape color photos direct our attention to a “Lucky Strike” of lightning on dark hills, and to a pair of windmills under a potential storm cloud in a picture she calls “Need for Rain.”

Quieter and less dramatic, but no less appealing, are her color pictures of water trapped by giant, lichen-covered boulders in the “Wichita Mountains,” and of a field of yellow-orange plants or bushes, seen in close-up.

In two more close-up color photos, a “Cattle Guard Sign” is marred by rust and bullet holes, and a spiky cactus plant becomes a kind of “Christmas Tree.”

Sponsored by the Oklahoma Arts Council, the show is well worth visiting during its run through Feb. 3.

— John Brandenburg