Some administrators on edge as Oklahoma's A-F grading system for schools approaches

The Oklahoman Editorial Published: September 18, 2012

In an old Simpsons episode, Bart tells Homer, “Just remember when you see my report card they've got this whole new grading system this year. It now goes: D, B, A, C.”

With Oklahoma public schools about to be issued letter grades, some administrators are pulling a Bart Simpson. They insist the A-F grading scale is suddenly very, very complicated.

Schools have been given preliminary results with the opportunity to address mistakes. Some officials complain errors have been identified, but don't mention that the schools provided all the data used by the state Department of Education to calculate grades. If errors exist, the schools are largely responsible.

For the most part, the information districts submit for the new A-F grading system differs little from that provided under the old Academic Performance Index, the previous rating system.

Districts have also been given 30 days to identify and correct errors before the resulting grades are publicly released. They were given only two weeks review under the API system. There's no reason for officials to complain about having the opportunity to correct mistakes they made in a review period lasting twice as long as before.

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