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Some Oklahoma homicide cases linger, but aren’t cold

BY RON JACKSON Published: October 4, 2009

ose close to the investigation say robbery doesn’t appear to be a motive, noting that her wedding ring remained on her hand and nothing appeared to be missing from the home.

Comment: "Right now there are four theories of various suspects, but I’m beginning to lose hope this will ever be solved,” said Marie Wilson, Dighton’s daughter. "You know we had a $15,000 reward posted, and we didn’t get one call — not one call. That tells me people are scared.”

Melissa Flores, 27
Place: Cordell

Time elapsed: Two years, eight months, six days

Case summary: Flores was last seen Jan. 27, 2007, at an estranged boyfriend’s house in Cordell, where investigators found her car and purse. Police served the estranged boyfriend – Ronnie Denny Jr. — with a search warrant at the time, but he claimed to have no knowledge of Flores’ whereabouts. Her body has never been found.

Comment: "I’ve had people call my house with rumors that they have found my daughter’s body,” said Judy Tome, Melissa’s mother. "I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t believe the rumors anymore.”

Luella ‘Granny’ Wright, 89
Town: Cheyenne

Time elapsed: Eight years, two months, six days

Case summary: Authorities found Wright slain in her bed July 28, 2001. Roger Mills County Sheriff Joe Hay said the crime scene showed no signs of a forced entry, struggle or robbery. The killer left only a set of shoe tracks outside in Wright’s garden. No arrests have been made.

Comment: "Our frustration is we believe we know who did it, but he’s sitting in a prison in Mexico,” said Joe Hay, Roger Mills County sheriff. "If he ever returned to the United States, the odds of us ever getting our hands on him would still be slim.”

Taylor Placker, 13; Skyla Whitaker, 11
Place: Weleetka

Time elapsed: One year, three months, 26 days

Case summary: Taylor and Skyla were found shot to death June 8, 2008. The girls were found by Taylor’s grandfather, Peter Placker, near Bad Creek Bridge on a dirt road about 300 yards from the Placker home. Authorities determined the girls were shot 13 times with two different weapons. Investigators think they are looking for at least two suspects, although none have been identified. A grand jury was impaneled in September 2008, but the evidence produced no indictments.

Comment: "We’re not getting as many (leads) as we did in those first few months, but we’re still getting leads in,” said Jessica Brown, OSBI spokeswoman. "It’s funny how some leads come to us. There might be a traffic stop, or maybe you bust somebody with meth, and all of a sudden they have some information.”

Bobbie Lynn Wofford, 14
Place: Kingfisher

Time elapsed: Ten years, two months, 29 days

Case summary: Wofford was last seen alive July 5, 1999, outside a Love’s Country Store at 4 a.m. On Nov. 4, quail hunters found her small purse and called then-Kingfisher County Sheriff Danny Graham, who found her decomposing, clothed body in the woods west of town. She appeared to have been killed by a gunshot to the head. Self-proclaimed serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells, on death row in Texas, claimed to have killed her, but authorities remain unconvinced. The case remains unsolved.

Comment: "Periodically, we still receive phone calls,” said Dennis Banther, Kingfisher County sheriff. "Whether we think it’s a good lead or not, we still track it down. We investigate every lead. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t think about that case. We even have a Wofford room here where we can spread out all our information. Trust me, that file is not stored in some basement somewhere.”

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