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Some vegetables that grow best in Oklahoma

By Ray Ridlen, OSU Extension Educator Published: February 28, 2009

With the kick-off of the vegetable gardening season, I am often asked to recommend some of my favorite vegetable varieties. Vegetables that need to be planted now or in the very near future are onions, potatoes and asparagus. Yes, there are other vegetables the can be planted in the early spring, but I think variety selection on these three is very important.

With onions, I highly recommend the Texas 1015Y. The Texas 1015Y is an onion that will be sweet almost anywhere it is grown; it is not as dependent on soil type in order to make it sweet. When it comes to potatoes, I love the Yukon Gold potato. I do not believe there is a better potato to prepare as a new potato.

Red LaSoda is another variety that makes an excellent new potato. Red LaSoda is preferred over Pontiac Red potato since it has shallower eyes and is easier to clean. When looking for asparagus crowns, look for Jersey Giant or Jersey Knight. Both of these are all male varieties. Since they are all male, they are not burdened with having to produce seed and all of their energy can be stored to produce larger spears.