Published: February 23, 2008
Oklahoma currently looks to be one of the teams "on the bubble” for an NCAA Tournament bid. Here's a look at the Sooners' status:

•Record: 18-8, 6-5

•RPI: 28

•Schedule strength: 13

•Vs. RPI top 50: 5-7

•If they beat Texas: The Sooners would become a virtual lock for the Big Dance. Texas has an RPI of 5 and a road win like that would leave OU playing for a better seed, not a berth, in the final four games.

•If they lose to Texas: No one will really take notice. This isn't a game the Sooners must win, nor is it a game the selection committee will expect them to win. A loss won't damage OU's RPI and the schedule strength will get a boost from such a game.

•If today were Selection Sunday OU would be: In, and in position for a seed in the 7-9 range.

By Scott Wright