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Sound reasons to kill horse slaughter bill

Published: March 6, 2013

In response to Cheryl Bayens (Feb. 27): Since when did slaughter become humane and kind? It's especially horrific for equines as they are flight animals. More than 900 pages of U.S. Department of Agriculture documents prove that equine slaughter wasn't humane when it was on U.S. soil. More than 19,000 horses were abandoned last year by “kill buyers” at our borders. Laws are in place against animal cruelty; this includes starving your animals. The live horse industry generates billions of dollars to our economy nationwide. A dead horse generates nothing to the economy.

America shut down horse slaughter plants years ago for a reason. Americans don't want horses slaughtered in America. They don't want their money used for the inspection of meat that we don't consume. They don't want higher crime rates and undocumented workers in our communities. Most of all, American horses aren't raised for food and are regularly given drugs banned in all food animals.

Lisa Norman, Madison, Ala.