South Koreans not partying while U.S. defended it

Published: April 10, 2013

In response to Don Price (Your Views, April 7): The South Korean young people were definitely not “partying and riding their motorbikes around the cities” while thousands of Americans died. Most of the cities in South Korea were reduced to rubble either by the initial communist attack or when the United States and United Nations allies pushed the North Koreans back north. The young men in South Korea were conscripted into service with their own country or were forced into the North Korean army if they were captured. South Korea has “mobilized” its own people and has a mandatory two-year military service for all men.

Having spent time on the peninsula with our own armed force and our Korean allies, I will tell you that they were and are more than willing to defend themselves from the North Koreans.

Brit Hendrix, Choctaw

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