Southwest Airlines 737's landing was abrupt in Missouri

The Boeing 737 had an abrupt landing, arriving at the wrong airport. Instead of arriving at Branson Airport in Missouri, it landed at a nearby airport where the runway was half as large.
Published: January 14, 2014

In brief

737 returns

to service

— The Southwest Airlines jet that landed at the wrong Missouri airport is now heading back into service.

The Boeing 737 took off around 3 p.m. Monday from M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport in Taney County. Southwest spokeswoman Michelle Agnew says the jet will travel to Tulsa for fueling, then return to service.

Southwest Airlines Flight 4013 was traveling from Chicago Midway Airport bound for Branson Airport on Sunday night. It landed instead at the smaller airport, 7 miles away.

No one was hurt but a passenger described the landing as abrupt. The runway at M. Graham Clark airport is a little more than half as long as Branson Airport.

Southwest says the pilot and first officer were removed from flying pending an investigation.

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