Jason Kersey

OU football: Frank Shannon's status at OU...

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Title IX matters in OU’s ongoing investigation into sexual assault allegations against linebacker Frank Shannon.

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Ryan Aber

Oklahoma football: How Baker Mayfield grew up a...

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It looks like Baker Mayfield will be relegated to scout-team QB this season, but now he’s playing for the team he grew up...

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Berry Tramel

Former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer to...

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Barry Switzer will preside over the show, sitting on a throne. He won’t perform. The Senior Follies is intended to...

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Jenni Carlson

Power Lunch: Chat with Jenni Carlson

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Join Jenni Carlson on the Power Lunch chat at 11 a.m., where she'll be taking your questions on the Thunder vs. Grizzlies and...

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