2010 Oklahoma City Thunder Bandwagon

Compiled by John Rohde, The Oklahoman

Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman
Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman

The story of Kevin Durant: His jersey number and devotion to his coach

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Kevin Durant’s face turned hard and his eyes welled up. He gazed straight ahead as he reflected on the man he affectionately referred to as "Big Chucky.” Kevin Durant: The making of an All-Star

Waiting for the bombs to fall: The story of Nenad Kristic

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A biker rides past Yugoslav army vehicles and machinery blocking the road in downtown Kraljevo, in this 1999 photo. Kraljevo is the hometown of the Thunder’s Nenad Krstic.  AP photo

Nenad Krstic still lifts his eyes to the sky when he thinks about the bombs. He was a teenager when war came to his Serbian homeland.

Coming to America: The story of Serge Ibaka

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The Thunder's Serge Ibaka. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman

Serge Ibaka is sitting at his cubicle inside the sparkling new home locker room at the Ford Center, crouched over with his head bowed and his back to his teammates and the world.

His father's son: The story of Nick Collison

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TOP: Nick Collison, right, and his father Dave after the Thunder game against the Bulls on Wednesday.  PHOTO BY NATE BILLINGS, THE OKLAHOMAN LEFT: Nick with his dad after winning a state title in 1998. Nick was Iowa’s Class 2A player of the year, and then was Iowa’s Mr. Basketball along with Kirk Hinrich following his senior year.  RIGHT: Nick with one of his most prized possessions, a Michael Jordan basketball that was given to him by his grandmother. PHOTOS PROVIDED

A first-grader watching his father’s high school practice, Nick Collison spotted a ball on the opposite side of the court. Unaware a turnover had players streaking back to the other end, little Nick sprinted onto the court. Nick Collison: The art of the charge Nick Collison: No one plays game harder than Thunder big man

The story of Russell Westbrook: The sky's the limit

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Thunder guard Russell Westbrook passes the ball during Oklahoma City’s win over the New York Knicks on Monday. PHOTO BY HUGH SCOTT, THE OKLAHOMAN

Before Tony Parker became an All-Star, a three-time NBA champion and the envy of every man who has happened to catch an episode of Desperate Housewives, he was Russell Westbrook, a relatively unknown teenager who was handed the keys to a franchise and told to lead. NBA: New age for point guards

The story of Eric Maynor: Still disproving doubters

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Thunder guard Eric Maynor returns to his home state of North Carolina tonight when Oklahoma City plays the Charlotte Bobcats. PHOTO BY BRYAN TERRY, THE OKLAHOMAN

The skinny kid’s shooting mechanics were so out of whack word on the AAU circuit was to lay off him. Add in the fact he played at a small high school and big-time BCS schools, even mid-majors, showed little interest in offering him a scholarship.

The story of Scott Brooks: From blue collar to Thunder blue

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Oklahoma City Thunder coach  Scott  Brooks watches from the bench during the Thunder's 117-82 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in an NBA basketball game Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2008, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Scott Brooks is coaching basketball and preaching effort. It’s more than his job. It’s his testimony.


The story of Jeff Green: A young Scottie Pippen

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Oklahoma City Thunder Jeff Green (22) goes up for a shot past Golden State Warriors' Stephen Jackson during the first half of a preseason NBA basketball game Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008, in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

When Georgetown reached the Final Four in 2007 Jeff Green was asked what player he patterned his game after. Green’s response: Scottie Pippen.

The story of James Harden: Proud of his defense

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Thunder rookie James Harden has never considered himself a point guard, but is leading the league in assist-to-turnover ratio. PHOTO BY HUGH SCOTT, THE OKLAHOMAN

The first thing you notice about James Harden is the beard. Because his beard has grown so long he’s starting to resemble Abe Lincoln, Harden looks older than a 20-year-old NBA rookie. Harden has a bit of point guard in him

The story of Maurice Cheeks and the star-spangled save

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Thunder assistant coach Maurice Cheeks gave Natalie Gilbert a little help singing the national anthem when he was coaching the Portland Trail Blazers in 2003. PHOTO BY BRUCE ELY, THE OREGONIAN

This is a story about humanity. A tale of how one man, in less than two minutes, inspired millions. His name is Maurice Cheeks. He just happens to coach basketball. He was hired last summer to serve as an assistant under Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks. Five views of Maurice Cheeks' act of kindness


OKC Thunder Regular Season Results
Date vs Score
4/14/10 Memphis W 114-105
4/12/10 @ Portland L 95-103
4/11/10 @ Golden State L 117-120
4/9/10 Phoenix W 96-91
4/7/10 Denver L 94-98
4/6/10 @ Utah L 139-140 (OT)
4/4/10 Minnesota W 116-108
4/3/10 @ Dallas W 121-116
3/31/10 @ Boston W 109-104
3/30/10 @ Philadelphia W 111-93
3/28/10 Portland L 87-92
3/26/10 L.A. Lakers W 91-75
3/24/10 Houston W 122-104
3/22/10 San Antonio L 96-99
3/21/10 @ Indiana L 101-121
3/19/10 @ Toronto W 115-89
3/17/10 @ Charlotte L 92-100
3/14/10 Utah W 119-111
3/12/10 New Jersey W 104-102
3/10/10 New Orleans W 98-83
3/7/10 @ Sacramento W 108-102
3/5/10 @ L.A. Clippers W 104-87
3/3/10 @ Denver L 90-119
3/2/10 Sacramento W 113-107
2/28/10 Toronto W 119-99
2/26/10 Minnesota W 109-92
2/24/10 @ San Antonio L 87-95
2/23/10 Phoenix L 102-104
2/21/10 @ Minnesota W 109-107
2/20/10 @ New York W 121-118 (OT)
2/16/10 Dallas W 99-86
2/9/10 @ Portland W 89-77
2/6/10 @ Golden State W 104-95
2/3/10 @ New Orleans W 103-99
2/2/10 Atlanta W 106-99
1/31/10 Golden State W 112-104
1/29/10 Denver W 101-84
1/27/10 Chicago L 86-96
1/23/10 @ Cleveland L 99-100
1/22/10 @ Memphis L 84-86
1/20/10 @ Minnesota W 94-92
1/18/10 @ Atlanta W 94-91
1/16/10 Miami W 98-80
1/15/10 @ Dallas L 98-99
1/13/10 San Antonio L 108-109 (OT)
1/11/10 New York W 106-88
1/9/10 Indiana W 108-102
1/6/10 New Orleans L 92-97
1/4/10 @ Chicago W 98-85
1/2/10 @ Milwaukee L 97-103 (OT)
12/31/09 Utah W 87-86
12/29/09 @ Washington W 110-98
12/28/09 @ New Jersey W 105-89
12/26/09 Charlotte W 98-91
12/23/09 @ Phoenix W 117-113
12/22/09 @ L.A. Lakers L 108-111
12/19/09 @ Houston L 90-95
12/18/09 Detroit W 109-98
12/16/09 Dallas L 86-100
12/14/09 @ Denver L 93-102
12/13/09 Cleveland L 89-102
12/11/09 @ Memphis W 102-94
12/7/09 Golden State W 104-88
12/4/09 Boston L 87-105
12/2/09 Philadelphia W 117-106
11/29/09 Houston L 91-100
11/27/09 Milwaukee W 108-90
11/24/09 @ Utah W 104-94
11/22/09 @ L.A. Lakers L 85-101
11/20/09 Washington W 127-108
11/18/09 @ Orlando L 94-108
11/17/09 @ Miami W 100-87
11/15/09 L.A. Clippers L 93-101
11/14/09 @ San Antonio W 101-98
11/11/09 @ L.A. Clippers W 83-79
11/10/09 @ Sacramento L 98-101
11/8/09 Orlando W 102-74
11/6/09 @ Houston L 94-105
11/3/09 L.A. Lakers L 98-101 (OT)
11/1/09 Portland L 74-83
10/30/09 @ Detroit W 91-83
10/28/09 Sacramento W 102-89