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SPOTLIGHT: Restaurateur, teacher create book

Associated Press Published: October 11, 2012

Young's students were in mainstream education classes, but needed extra help. "They could learn, they just needed to learn in different ways," Young said.

She and Gold Kushner began working on the book five years ago as a short story, which expanded into a chapter book. In the past year, they finished it. The book was printed in July.

Gold Kushner had to remember the tough things about her childhood growing up with the undiagnosed learning disability, such as how she was told she couldn't use a finger to help guide her when reading.

"The only reason why I allowed the book to be written was to make sure we were going to be able to help parents, children and especially students, that they know it's OK to be L.D.," Gold Kushner said.

The book is about 50 pages, with large type and short chapters. It's meant for the fifth-grade level.

"She wouldn't let me make it long," Young said.

The book includes Gold Kushner's list of skills to be successful: initiative, problem-solving, patience, flexibility, curiosity, friendship, compassion, responsibility, organization, effort, pursuing a passion, perseverance and self-acceptance.

"We are all smart on the inside, we could do anything that we want," Gold Kushner said. "We have to be taught different techniques, strategies on how to learn, on how to get the message, but we can do it."