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Sri Ganganagar and a few outtakes from the photo gallery

Lindsay Houts Published: February 17, 2013

We’ve spent the last two days in Sri Ganganagar (try and say that five times fast) at the District Conference for the Rotary District that’s hosting us. Sri Ganganagar is in Rajasthan, another state of India. (We’ve been in Punjab until now.)

The conference is like any conference you’ve been to, except with a marching band, lots of chai, even more dancing, and everything is in a language that you can’t understand. So, OK, nothing like a conference you’ve ever been to.

Tonight we visited a privately owned rehabilitation center that treats drug and alcohol addiction. It was dark, so no photos of their beautiful gardens, and I felt incredibly uncomfortable taking photos of their clients. Maybe I’m just too hung up on HIPAA and personal space, but it would feel much too much like I was treating people like they were animals at a zoo. Can’t do it, won’t do it.

There’s nothing much to report since we’ve spent most of our time at a conference, so I’ll share some of my photos that haven’t made it to the blog yet. Tomorrow we’re spending the day in a Rajasthani village. Can’t wait to see it and tell you more. 

Don't float away!
Don't float away!
The story behind his missing finger -- that was what I wanted to know.
The story behind his missing finger -- that was what I wanted to know.
Cows. Donkeys. Trash. A typical neighborhood scene.
Cows. Donkeys. Trash. A typical neighborhood scene.

Since a few people have asked, I’ll clarify: I edited the cutlines, but the photos here are taken by me. It’s amateur photography paired with a great camera. Fortunately some my high school photography class lessons have stuck with me. Thanks, Mrs. Vergis, wherever you are. 

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