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Stand Your Ground laws needed

Published: July 28, 2013

Since George Zimmerman's trial there have been numerous requests to review and possibly abolish “Stand Your Ground” laws. Even President Obama has stepped into this foray in another attempt to remove our Second Amendment rights. He's overstepping his position by wanting the people of this great country to become a nation of sheep unable to defend themselves.

The idea behind the Stand Your Ground laws is to protect individuals from prosecution if they injure or kill someone who's about to do them serious bodily harm. These laws don't specify how or what type of weapon you use to protect yourself because every situation is different. If a 6-foot, 4-inch, 240-pound man breaks into your house while you're there alone, your options are to either hide or run away and hope he doesn't catch and kill you or to, use a gun, bat or knife to stop him and he's injured or dies. Option 2 is protected by the Stand Your Ground laws.

If we allow ourselves to become a nation of sheep unable to defend ourselves, we'll need to surrender more of our rights to privacy so our police and military can keep track of us and keep us safe. The only answer is to allow citizens to protect themselves if the situation arises.

Shaun Mahan, Tecumseh


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