State approves Cape Wind deal with NStar

Associated Press Published: November 26, 2012

Critics also charge that NStar, which wasn't initially interested in buying Cape Wind power, agreed to the purchase under pressure from the Patrick administration, when its now-completed acquisition by Northeast Utilities was under Massachusetts review.

But NStar said it bought Cape Wind's power to ensure it had a diverse mix of renewable power sources to meet state mandates and as an investment in the state's clean energy future. The Department of Public Utilities has rejected arguments that the state was improperly involved in the contract negotiations.

The department said its analysis showed Cape Wind is worth the investment because of various benefits, including greenhouse gas reduction, the fact it creates a large power source near a busy coastline and enhanced grid reliability.

Sue Reid, of the pro-Cape Wind Conservation Law Foundation, said the Department of Public Utilities ruling again shows that the project's environmental and economic benefits are clear. "Today's decision is another giant step toward the finish line for Cape Wind," she said.