State employees ponder 4-day work week

Oklahoman Published: July 7, 2008

Barger said polls show that 98 percent of the association's approximately 10,500 members favor a four-day work week.

State agencies already have some flexibility to let employees telecommute or establish other "alternative work periods," said Office of Personnel Management executive director Oscar Jackson.

"The four-day work week is relatively new," Jackson said, adding that he highlighted the proposal in a memo sent recently to agency directors.

To make the four-day week work, agencies would have to determine whether they could close for one day each week or would have to develop a rotational assignment for employees that would allow the office to remain open five days a week.

"There may, in fact, be some decisions over the next few weeks or months to determine whether or not a four-day work week for their particular agency would be appropriate," Jackson said.

Among the chief concerns is how 10-hour work days would affect child-care options for parents.

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