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State Rep. Richard Morrissette brings in Joe Washington to motivate Capitol Hill football team

After watching Capitol Hill's 52-0 loss to Ardmore on Oct. 13, Oklahoma State Rep. Richard Morrissette decided he'd had enough. He arranged for the team to tour the state capitol building on Thursday and got Oklahoma legend Joe Washington to speak to the players.
By Jason Kersey, Staff Writer, Published: October 29, 2011

“Many of these kids don't come from traditional families,” Morrissette said. “And they're struggling. But the kids that are left are the core, the courage. We're going to build from this core.”

Washington spoke to the players in the House chamber about the importance of being part of a team and never giving up.

“The team concept that he really talked about can really hit home with these guys,” Webster said. “As great as Joe Washington was in his glory days at OU and in the pros, he still talked about the people that blocked for him.

“I do believe that our guys heard that and will really benefit from that message.”

The players certainly seemed to appreciate the attention they got Thursday.

“There's people out there watching us; that's why we have to play hard every down,” said senior quarterback Luis Leyva. “Our coach tells us all the time, ‘You never know who's watching you,' and look what happened. A state representative came out and brought us to the state capitol. We really appreciate that.”

Morrissette said he plans to do more for Capitol Hill High School. He is helping organize a golf tournament to benefit the basketball team on Nov. 14.

“We believe that if we bring the school spirit back to Capitol Hill, it will resonate back into the homes and back into the neighborhoods,” Morrissette said. “Capitol Hill has a tremendous history, and we're going to start rebuilding it one play at a time.”