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Static: Netflix set to release next 'binge' series with 'Hemlock Grove'

Published: April 15, 2013

While Netflix did not release viewership numbers, “House of Cards” continues to place highly on the service's “Popular on Netflix” feed. It is currently No. 5 behind “Mad Men,” which recently added its fifth season to the service; “The Hunger Games,” which debuted earlier this month on both Netflix and Amazon Instant Video; “Arrested Development” and “The Walking Dead.”

While “Arrested Development” is a perennial favorite on the service, the popularity of the groundbreaking comedy's original three-season run is currently bolstered by anticipation for the next big Netflix binge session: the exclusive release of 15 new episodes on May 26. While it's hard to tell whether there is overlap on the “Hemlock Grove”/ “Arrested Development” Venn diagram, Netflix will likely watch its viewership for Roth's series closely once it drops on Thursday, to see whether people will binge or purge.