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Static: With 'Orange is the New Black,' Netflix could be the new HBO

George Lang: “Orange is the New Black” is the first of Netflix' original programming ventures to receive unqualified raves.
By George Lang glang& Published: July 15, 2013

But “Orange” could mark a turning point in how the public perceives original streaming series. Reception for “House of Cards” in February was positive but suffused with a kind of wide-eyed wonder about how it was entering people's living rooms. Viewers had difficulty wrapping their heads around a quality series appearing on Netflix without making a first stop at AMC or FX or the BBC or Showtime. They reacted as if they were watching a dog do someone's taxes, amazed that this could happen in our modern world.

Now, the novelty is starting to wear off on the idea of original programming. Having watched the first of the 13 episodes, it's clear that “Orange is the New Black” is good enough to work on premium cable, and this level of programming continues, Netflix could be the new HBO.

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