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Stealing from 'the rich' won't pay off debt

Published: September 7, 2012

J.A. Livingston (Your Views, Sept. 1) describes Paul Ryan's plans as “extreme.” That neither men nor their countries can forever survive by living beyond their means is only common sense. Demagogues endlessly insist that the “rich” must pay more taxes to support the “poor,” and that those “rich” have been “stealing” from the “poor.” Clearly, the “poor” have little or nothing to be stolen and they pay no income taxes. Today, government could steal every last penny from its hated “rich” and still have too little to pay all the debt it has created.

The “enlightened” old notion that it's good to covet and steal came from Karl Marx in 1849. Marx despised religion, doubtless because of the Judeo-Christian commandments that condemned his plans. Nevertheless, countless millions died and suffered under Marxism's brutality, beginning with the Bolshevik Revolution. The communists and the Nazis (national socialists) killed more innocent people than died in all the wars in all the world history that preceded them. America must recognize the potential disasters that now threaten her.

Ronald Bouwman, Oklahoma City

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