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Movie review: 'Step Up Revolution'

Movie Review: ‘Step Up Revolution'
Oklahoman Published: July 27, 2012

“Step Up” movies do no harm and never fail to showcase pretty people executing superhuman dance moves, but the puppy-dog earnestness, Mentos commercial-level rebellion, silly plots and downright laughable acting still make these films feel like tests of will.

To its credit, “Step Up Revolution” tries for something more resonant than competing teams in a pop-locking battle for supremacy, but the standoff between super-fit Miami dancers and an evil land developer winds up playing like “The Idiot's Guide to Civil Disobedience — Flash Mob Edition.”

Yes, flash mobs — that past-its-prime YouTube phenomenon in which intricate mass dancing events materialize in unlikely and usually crowded public spaces — provide the main impetus for “Step Up Revolution.”

A renegade band of ragtag service workers in Miami's hotel district calling itself “The Mob” stages flash mob events that crash gallery openings, tie up traffic in South Beach and send local television reporters into paroxysms of breathless stupidity.

It's all to win a YouTube contest to attract 10 million hits, collect a cash prize and achieve endless fame as dancers in Pitbull music videos or something.

At the center of all this Miami heat is a Romeo-and-Juliet couple trying to overcome their differences to find love and stave off rampaging commerce.

Sean (Ryan Guzman) works in a posh hotel but lives paycheck-to-paycheck and flash mob-to-flash mob.

He immediately falls for Emily (Kathryn McCormick) during a meet-cute at the hotel's beach club, not knowing that she's the daughter of Bill Anderson (Peter Gallagher, who deserves better), the hotel owner who wants to tear down the city's riverfront to build more marble-and-glass accommodations.

Emily wants to escape her corporate cocoon to become a great modern dancer, and soon is pulled into the Mob.

One of the victims of the proposed tear-down would be Ricky's Club Habanero, the traditional salsa club where the gang hangs out, which means that “Step Up Revolution” is essentially a Mickey Rooney-Judy Garland “Babes in Arms” plot with a layer of modern corporate greed and dubstep beats. The Mob is going to save Ricky's Club Habanero by dancing into the hearts of the city council, which will clearly reconsider siding with Anderson thanks to these lovable scamps' irrepressible dance explosions.

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‘Step Up Revolution'

PG-131:402 stars

Starring: Ryan Guzman, Kathryn McCormick, Peter Gallagher, Stephen Boss. (Some suggestive dancing and language.)


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