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Stillwater-based artist has solo show at state capitol.

Ceramics by Stillwater-based artist Anita Fields are part of an exhibit on view through July 8 at the State Capitol of Oklahoma.
JOHN BRANDENBURG Published: June 3, 2012

“Earthen Thoughts” is the title of a small show of modest yet evocative, wall-displayed ceramic objects by Anita Fields at the Oklahoma state Capitol.

“Clay is soft, malleable and easily articulated into symbolic elements alluding to … nature and human emotion,” said Fields, a member of the Osage Nation, born in Hominy, who lives in Stillwater.

Small, organic-looking forms cover the black-and-white or terra cotta red-and-white surfaces of three shapes that look a little bit like hand-rolled cigars in “Three Thoughts,” for example.

Resembling an odd-shaped, black-and-white ceramic pillow is “Movement of the Sun,” a work divided into a “landscape,” and “sky.” Golden glazed, geometric emblems decorate nine blue and white, organic-looking tiles, in a simple yet elegant wall-installation Fields calls “Holding Patterns.” A dark, dramatic tornado-like funnel, poised “Above the Earth,” seems to menace the land and a sleeping woman below it, in Fields' two-part ceramic wall hanging of that title.

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