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Streaming video review: 'House of Cards'

The first episode of this cutting political drama is stagy, awkward and marred by an overabundance of exposition, but “House of Cards” recovers quickly and decisively, and by its third episode the series is on its way to possible greatness, a cinder-hearted cousin to “The West Wing.”
Modified: February 7, 2013 at 5:04 pm •  Published: February 8, 2013

Netflix and executive producer Fincher (“Se7en,” “The Social Network,” “Zodiac”) rolled out all 13 episodes of the season Feb. 1, and labeling each episode a “chapter” is not just an act of faux-literary arrogance. Freed of the artificial demands for cliffhangers and appetite-whetting that take place in conventionally rolled-out weekly series, this story progresses exactly the way it should. Like a great page turner, “House of Cards” is all there, and it's hard to resist starting the next chapter.

George Lang