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Strict ban needed on unlimited campaign donations

Published: September 1, 2012

This election season, each candidate needs to hear you ask a simple question: What are you going to do to stop the corrupting influence of unlimited money and secret campaign contributions? With a free-speech ruling on behalf of corporations and unions, the Supreme Court has approved the buying of elections. One candidate said, “Corporations are people, too.” They couldn't have it more wrong. While we can love what a good company or group does with its products and services, it shouldn't have ownership of your representatives.

For once, put aside your prejudices about the deficit or abortion, tax reform or jobs. Forget about the Keystone pipeline. None of your issues will matter much if we can't stop the pipeline of unlimited campaign cash that's stealing your voice. We've seen the poison here in an Oklahoma City election and it's being felt in almost all levels of campaigning throughout the country. The stakes are impossible to exaggerate. If a candidate isn't willing to sponsor or sign legislation banning the tidal wave of money, that candidate needs another occupation.

We need a strict ban on unlimited cash donations and the secrecy of anonymous campaign contributions.

Jon Womastek, Oklahoma City