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Student poetry

Student poetry
Oklahoman Published: April 28, 2012

Student poetry

Three short poems that appear in this year's poetry anthology produced by students at Central Junior High School in Moore:

Past and Future

By Tobyn Moreno

Living in the past is a luxury

none of us can afford.

We must learn from it, but we cannot live there.

It is impossible to plan for the now — the present is ever fleeting.

The future is what we must plan for.

Just Because I'm Black

By Liyah Ingram

Just because I'm black doesn't mean I'm ghetto.

I could be an angel, just without a halo.

Just because I'm black doesn't mean I'd steal from you.

Did you not get that clue?

Just because I'm black doesn't mean you should judge me.

God created us all equally!


By Stacy Bobo

If depressed was a color,

It would be dark gray,

As lifeless as a zombie.

If depressed was a taste,

It would be just like celery.

If depressed was a smell,

It would be as nasty as a trash can.

If depressed was a sound,

It would be as loud as a child's scream!