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Studio loses money, axes ‘Saving Grace’

GEORGE LANG Published: August 15, 2009

/> "It’s been a fantastic beacon for the network, which has both challenged and entertained viewers in ways few other shows on television ever dare,” Wright said.

While Miller would have liked to see the show continue beyond the episodes scheduled for 2010, she said she is glad she got to tell the story about Grace Hanadarko, an Oklahoma City detective whose life is transformed by the appearance of a guardian angel.

"Here’s the deal. Ultimately, I’m glad I got to tell these stories,” she said. "I got to set a show in Oklahoma City, my hometown, tell the story of Grace Hanadarko and explore God. No one can take that away. I’m thrilled I got three years out of this. I wish we could go on creatively, but I can’t be that mad at Fox, you know? They’re losing money, and it’s a business.

"Now I just want to send Grace out in a great, great way,” she said. "Honor this character, these people and this city.”

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