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Blue Seven’s Jacob Peregrin

Oklahoman Modified: November 16, 2012 at 3:22 pm •  Published: November 16, 2012

photo - Jacob Peregrin, buyer at Blue Seven, recently talked with Lacey Lett on how they make OKC a little more stylish. Photo by Steven Maupin
Jacob Peregrin, buyer at Blue Seven, recently talked with Lacey Lett on how they make OKC a little more stylish. Photo by Steven Maupin

Have you ever wondered how your favorite clothing boutique finds so many cute clothes? A great clothing boutique can sometimes feel like it knows you better than you know yourself, and many times, they do. You end up buying something you never thought you’d even try on. But it’s not magic: a lot of research and dedication to style by fashion retailers brings the best designers and designs to the Oklahoma City market. Jacob Peregrin, buyer at Blue Seven, dished on how they make OKC a little more stylin’ and profilin’ — and it’s not by using that phrase.

Q. Where do you find most of the clothes sold at Blue Seven?

A. We work with multiple showrooms based in Dallas. Most new brands are found when we attend the Las Vegas markets. Some brand reps come to our shop to show us new product, as well. Additionally, we keep an eye out for brands and styles we like. In these cases, we either contact brands directly or make a point to meet them at markets.

Q. How do you know what will sell well in Oklahoma City?

A. The first time I went to market, it was hard to differentiate between what I wanted and what the customers of Blue Seven would want and be willing to spend. The more I got to know the customers personally in the shop, the more I understood what they would and would not show interest in.

Q. Does Oklahoma City have a signature style that you can tell from purchases made at the store?

A. I don’t know that Oklahoma has a defined style, but Blue Seven customers do have a different style than most other Okie shoppers. To try and define it can never really do it justice. It is a combination of trend with creative fashion and a little classic style.

Q. How much research goes into finding fashions for Blue Seven?

A. Some research goes into finding fashion. More research goes into finding out how our current fashions in the shop are selling, as well as how to keep up with the demand for these products. Most of our finding of fashion just happens first-hand when working with brands.

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