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Suggested uses for carbon tax dubious

Published: January 2, 2013

Jim F. Chamberlain (Your Views, Dec. 23) wrote about creating jobs through taxation, such as a carbon tax that is mostly associated with “cap & trade” that we hear so much about. If it were truly possible to create jobs through taxation, one would think that with President Obama's tax-and-spend policies, we'd have our unemployment down to around 3 percent. Chamberlain takes a slightly different tact with the carbon tax revenues and suggests that it could be used to replenish Social Security and Medicare and to create jobs by “indirectly favoring renewable energy in the marketplace.” He also suggests that this tax “should be a creative midpoint between raising payroll taxes and finding new sources of badly needed government revenue.”

It indeed sounds noble and not as offensive as the carbon tax profits going to Al Gore and his cronies (as was originally proposed), to suggest that the revenue would go back into Social Security and Medicare. Fat chance of that happening! Just the other day I read where someone else who's still touting the carbon tax position said that the money from this regressive tax was going to be redistributed to the consumers to help offset their energy/utility bills, which would virtually double as a result of this ridiculous tax.

We don't need any more tax burden on the American people. The government doesn't need any more revenue.

Tim Abram, Norman


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