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Summer trends: Oklahoma City fashionistas share their favorites

We asked some owners of locally owned boutiques in Oklahoma City for their favorite summer trends.
By Heather Warlick, Staff Writer Published: June 12, 2014

Summer’s heat and humidity are rearing their sweaty heads. I hope you didn’t invest too much on your spring wardrobe, as Oklahoma didn’t have much of a spring. Luckily, many of your spring pieces will carry over to summer.

Summer’s hottest trends, according to some of the city’s most popular locally owned fashion retailers, are comfy, loose, a little revealing and lots of fun, with bold colors, silly statements and playful takes on fashion themes you’ll remember fondly from the ’80s and ’90s.

We turned to fashion experts at Liberte, On a Whim, R Meyers and Gil’s to find out what’s hot this summer, aside from the searing Oklahoma sun, that is.

Easy dressing

“My favorite thing for summer is just a really easy summer dress,” said Danielle Keogh, owner of Liberte in Classen Curve. “Oklahoma summers are so hot and humid, so I like things that move with natural fabrics like cotton and silks, even cashmere.”

She loves a 16-gauge cashmere sweater for summer, in fact, because it breathes so well. It keeps you warm inside in air-conditioned environs, she said, and, outside in the heat, it’s like you’re not wearing anything. “It’s the best thing ever.”

Ladylike embellishments and silhouettes are another of summer’s favorites. Whether it’s a nod to the Dior or ballet-length skirt (midcalf) in a Mad Men-style silhouette, a beautiful floral fabric, sheer linings or lacy embellishments, anything that speaks romance is a hit this summer.

Feminine and bold

“For summer, the trends I saw people really responding to are vibrant colors and exuberant prints,” said Cindi Shelby, owner of R Meyers, 6471 Avondale in Nichols Hills. Tropical, geometric and modernistic prints reminiscent of the bright works of surrealism artists are full of bold color.

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