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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Associated Press Published: November 4, 2012

Inside the airplane hangar, Ryan asked the crowd to support GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, saying Romney is the clear choice in what Ryan called "the most important election in our generation."

"We can't handle four more years of this. Minnesota, join with us, work with us, and in two more days we can get America back on track," Ryan said, as the crowd that packed bleachers and lined the concrete floor erupted in cheers.


TOWER, Minn. (AP) — Hunters participating in Minnesota's early wolf season found the animals to be elusive on opening day.

A total of 3,600 licenses were issued for the season, which started Saturday. By nightfall, only 32 wolves had been killed, the Star Tribune reported Sunday ( By 6 p.m. Sunday, another 13 had been killed — bringing the total to 45, the Department of Natural Resources said.

"I think people did pretty well, but I'm not terribly surprised by the numbers," said Steve Merchant, DNR acting wildlife chief. "It was in the ballpark (of what we expected.)"

The region's wolves were taken off the endangered list last January. Minnesota has set a quota of 400 wolves for the season, including the early hunting-only season and a hunting-and-trapping season that begins Nov. 24.

Opponents of the wolf hunt were upset that the animals were killed in the first place. Howling for Wolves and the Northwoods Wolf Alliance protested in Duluth and on the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation near Cloquet.