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Superintendent says Oklahoma City charter school fails academically, fiscally

A northeast Oklahoma City charter school has mismanaged money and failed to provide adequate academic progress to students, according to a letter from the superintendent of Oklahoma City Public Schools.
BY CARRIE COPPERNOLL Published: April 17, 2013

The incident reflects “poor fiscal management.”

“Although MGLCS is in the process of repaying the funds to Oklahoma City Public Schools, the fact that the funds were improperly used is just one indicator of the school's failure to properly manage its funds,” Springer wrote. “There are other areas of fiscal mismanagement; however, this is the most obvious example of the school's inability to manage the taxpayer money that it receives.”

School plans defense

Attorney Kwame T. Mumina responded to Springer's letter with a request for a hearing with the school board.

“Please be advised that MGLCS takes great exception to the recommendation for termination of its charter and submits that the alleged basis for such recommendation is without merit,” Mumina wrote.

Mumina asked that the hearing with the school board be scheduled far in advance to give parents and the community time to attend. The allegations are serious and unfounded, Mumina wrote.

“Initially, please be advised that MGLCS submits that the reasoning and rationale advanced for this recommendation is misplaced, discriminatory and otherwise fails to comply with applicable law, rules and regulations ... ” Mumina wrote. “Accordingly, MGLCS welcomes the opportunity to defend its operations ... .”