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Superman timeline

Superman's highlights in the comic books
Oklahoman Modified: June 13, 2013 at 3:52 pm •  Published: June 14, 2013

A timeline of events in the comic-book history of Superman:

1933 — Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster publish a story called “Reign of the Super-Man,” which features a bald villain with telepathic powers. Later, Siegel and Shuster rework Superman into a strongman from another planet, who is secretly a mild-mannered reporter named Clark Kent. Over the next five years, “Superman” is rejected by multiple publishers.

1938 — Superman is officially introduced in “Action Comics” No. 1, as is his secret identity of Clark Kent and love interest of Lois Lane.

1939 — The planet Krypton is officially named in “Superman” No. 1.

1940 — Luthor makes his first appearance in “Action Comics” No. 23.

1941 — Jimmy Olsen first appears in the comic books in “Superman” No. 13, after appearing previously on the radio show.

1944 — Mr. Mxyzptlk debuts in “Superman” No. 30

1945 — Superboy and the town of Smallville are introduced in “More Fun Comics” No. 101

1952 — Superman and Batman team up for the first time in “Superman” No. 76.

1955 — Krypto the Superdog makes his first appearance in “Adventure Comics” No. 210.

1958 — Bizarro, Brainiac, the Bottle City of Kandor and the Legion of Super-Heroes all first appear in this year. Lois Lane becomes the star of her own comic book, which lasts until 1974.

1959 — “Action Comics” No. 252 introduces Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl.

1960 — Luthor is first called “Lex Luthor” in “Adventure Comics” No. 271.

1961 — Gen. Zod, of Krypton and the other dimensional Phantom Zone, are introduced in “Adventure Comics” No. 283.

1967 — Superman races the Flash (Barry Allen) for the first time.

1971 — Kryptonite is made harmless to Superman, and Clark Kent leaves the Daily Planet in “Superman” No. 233. Kent becomes a TV reporter for the Galaxy Broadcasting Company. These changes are eventually undone.

1976 — Superman meets Spider-Man in a crossover with Marvel Comics, “Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man.”

1978 — Superman meets boxing champion Muhammad Ali in the appropriately named “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.”

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