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Supreme Court ruling goes against goals of American Revolution

Published: June 30, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court did some fancy dancing around constitutional issues in ruling to uphold Obamacare, basically making it official that our Constitution is a dead letter, no longer important or having force or power among the political elites who make their living in Washington, D.C. While the court said the mandate violates the Constitution under the Commerce Clause, it really doesn't matter since this has been upheld under the “taxing power of Congress.” King George would've been proud of this ruling, since this goes against what the American Revolution was all about — taxation without representation.

Not only that, but the Supreme Court also made clear the real issue for America regarding whether or not we're considered free. According to this ruling, we're not. This ruling just demonstrated that America is becoming more enslaved to the federal government when it can demand that you purchase a product as a condition of being an American citizen.

Washington is no longer interested in abiding by the restrictions imposed by the Constitution. Obamacare was passed by Congress late at night against the express wishes of the majority of Americans. Our country's experiment with freedom has had a good run for 236 years. America has just been fundamentally changed, as Obama promised it would be.

Stephen K. Maple, Edmond