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Surrender, or fight for our freedom

Published: January 16, 2013

In the 1770s, the people in Boston were upset because the British imposed taxes on them without their representation or control. As tensions mounted, troops were sent to enforce England's control. Ordinary citizens, armed with their own rifles, resisted and later organized themselves as Minutemen. Most colonial militia units were provided neither arms nor uniforms. They had to equip themselves. Hardly a house in the colonies was without one or more rifles. These guns, owned principally for hunting, were su-perior to the Brown Bess muskets often used by the British. Because of these privately owned weapons, the colonists resisted England and gave birth to the United States of America.

Today, America faces an enemy that vows to impose its own culture and control, an enemy with an Islamic fundamentalist and terrorist character. This enemy is training around the world to attack America and its interests. The histories of this nation and the world teach us that we have a choice: Surrender or fight to preserve our freedom.

The Minutemen give us the example of how a free people, personally armed and expert with their own weapons, can prevail. National policy should be to encourage citizens to own weapons for self-defense. Countries such as Switzerland already do this. America is no longer immune or safe from internal or external attacks. Those who attempt to inhibit or discourage the right of a private citizen to own guns should cause us to ask this: “On whose side are you?”

Dick Webber, Edmond