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Tailgating: Sooners prevail in Bedlam Tailgating Showdown

Bedlam Tailgating Showdown: For the second year in a row, University of Oklahoma Sooner and Oklahoma State University Cowboy fans competed in a tailgating clash, and this year, OU's crimson and cream edged OSU's orange and black.
by Dave Cathey Published: November 30, 2011

Final round

For the final round, Park Ribble, director of Perishable Merchandising for Homeland grocery stores, supplied four secret ingredients: strip steaks, flatiron steaks, Portobello mushrooms and potatoes. The finalists had one hour to create a final plate that included each ingredient plus anything from their tailgate they thought might enhance the dish.

In the final analysis, the Two Docs squad made better use of three of the four secret ingredients.

The Kingfisher clan won high marks for stuffing its Portobello mushrooms with the cheesy green beans that gave them the edge in last year's competition. For their gallant title defense, the Kingfisher crowd took home $300 from Homeland.

Winning teamwork

Carter, who directs a contracting group that works with health plans for the pharmaceutical business AstraZeneca, is chief grill master and menu maker for Two Docs.

“I guess I grew up around men cooking; my grandfather owned a bar and liquor store in Hobart and was a cook in the Navy,” Carter said.

“I always remember him cooking when we were at his house. It was passed down to my dad, and he cooked a great deal when he was alive. He passed when I was only 12, and as an only child I learned to fend for myself. I've just always enjoyed cooking and keeping family recipes alive. I built an outdoor kitchen several years ago and really enjoy the escape it provides from work.”

But to unseat the mighty Kingfisher tailgate took teamwork, beginning with the two doctors for which the Two Docs Tailgate is named: orthopedic surgeon Barry Northcutt and cosmetic dentist Kevin Rykard.

Northcutt, who serves as head team physician for the University of Central Oklahoma football team, comes from Hobart stock, too. Carter's wife, Susan, was a member of the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band at OU with Rykard.

Steve Carter said his wife, Susan, Jenifer Northcutt and Mary Rykard also play critical roles in the planning, preparation and organization of this well-oiled tailgate, which not only includes great food but custom-made cups, party favors and a mobile unit outfitted with bathrooms and television.

Carter said Rhett's Meat Market, 9300 N May Ave., No. 300, is an integral part of the tailgating team, supplying top-quality beef. Sara Sara Cupcakes, 17 E Fifth St. in Edmond, makes customized desserts for each tailgate.

Now that the smoke from the multiple OU Ruf/Nek shotgun blasts followed by “O-S-U COWBOYS!” calls has cleared, it's time for the football teams to shake off the disappointment of seasons that could've been and play ball.

Last year, OSU took home the tailgating, but OU took the day on the gridiron. Head to Stillwater or tune in Saturday to see if turnabout is fair play — bacon-wrapped foods optional, jalapeno poppers required.

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